Write For Us: ISN is looking for sports news and fantasy sports writers

Are you passionate about the International Sports News and have a deep understanding of the sports? Always want to become a professional writer on a sports news platform. So, we have an amazing and valuable platform that gives to you the opportunity to reach millions of readers all over the world. 

In this new era, the International Sports News is the best platform that covers all the latest news about sports of all categories all over the world. And also for the best result, we are looking constantly for professional and experienced content writers, Guest authors, and Freelance writers for well-researched and informational content for all categories.

What do we publish?

International Sports News is the platform for publishing Sports news articles, Matches schedules, Trending stories, Players list, Watch details, Player’s net worth, Match predictions, Biographies, Top lists, Winner lists, Players ranking and performance, and a lot more. 

A: News and trending stories. The content length should be a minimum of 400 words.  

In this category, your content should cover the news and trending stories and should be exact information about news and stories. 

B: Net Worth: The content length should be a minimum of 500 words.  

In this category, your content should be well-researched and talked about in detail in your own language. Net Worth should be well-researched by officials and professionals from reputed platforms.  

D: Do not repeat lines or parts from a previous article on the same subject, You convey the same information about a subject but in a different pattern.   

Requirement for Guest Posts:

  • Make sure that content should be free from copyright infringement. Articles must be original to the author and should not be published anywhere. And the article should be 100% unique, have quality content, and be informational.
  • Make Sure the Meta Title should not exceed be 60 characters and Attractive.
  • Make sure Meta Description should not exceed 160 characters and Attractive.
  • Use proper headings H1, H2, H3, and H4.
  • Make sure primary and secondary keywords are used in the article
  • Try to Provide 2 or 3  reference links to other blog pages for more information.
  • Provide the unique featured image with HD quality. And also include other images in the content body.
  • Max 2 links of your Website or Blog are accepted in the Content.
  • And last important point is that After publishing your article you must share it on your social platforms which would be beneficial for both of us.  

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How to submit your article: 

We will be delighted if you contribute your content to International Sports News. Please feel free to email us at info@internationalsportsnews.com.